When plans don’t go to plan

I set up this blog to talk about my experiences of being a trainee teacher and to become a reflective person.

As most people know when you make a plan and get your heart set on it, there may be things that change or get in the way of your route and it is these obstacles that shape our lives and determine what type of person we are.

Unfortunately I may have become a bit too reflective since this year started and towards the middle of my placement, despite receiving really good feedback about my teaching performance, my depression and anxiety made an appearance and I withdrew myself from the school and was signed off for two weeks.

Because of this it meant that university failed my placement module and today I fount out that my mitigating circumstances application was successful and I will be able to retake the module in its entirety next year.

I am doubting my interest in the career because I have lost all confidence in my abilities but I know somewhere deep down the passion is still there it will just take time and a steady recovery to help bring it back out.

In the meantime I am applying for jobs in schools as a teaching assistant and will try and treat the next year as an experience gap year! If I had money I would definitely have taken this opportunity to go travelling but for now this sunny seaside town will have to satisfy.

On the plus side today Gove was sacked from his role as Education secretary and I think there were a lot of happy educational workers around England today!

I will continue to use this blog throughout the year as this is all part of my teacher training journey. Remember that what we think is right might not always be best for us and everything has it’s own time.

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