New chapter

I knew this time of year wouldn’t be easy for me but I love to see how enthusiastic and excited everyone is to be returning to their studies or starting a new chapter at university.

I won’t be going into my second year like I had planned and hoped for, but I do have a meeting next week to set out a learning plan to help me settle back in okay with my new cohort and to make goals to help overcome my mental health issues and be a successful teacher like I have always dreamed of (even if my mind is clouded with negative judgements of my passion and abilities). I can do it.

For now I will be continuing my work on Saturday mornings as an assistant gymnastics coach and have a few applications submitted for temporary roles in schools. Ideally I want to spend my ‘gap year’ doing something I will enjoy and building up my confidence to return to my course.

Come February I will be attending lectures again in preparation for placement and will soon be back in heat Trojan horse mode. Hopefully in a more relaxed body and mind with less stress factors.

I hope year two will be my new chapter next September and I will be more prepared and less set up to fail.

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