Back to work

After a long summer of uneasiness and an unsettled mindset I am happy to have accepted a midday supervisory assistant (posh title for a dinner lady) role at a local special needs primary school.

It’s only part time, 10 hours a week but that’s just right for me at this moment in time. There are so many challenges I will be facing in this job but I hope they will be big achievements for me to look back on.

The challenges:

– getting up and being somewhere everyday
– putting on a positive and confident front to work with colleagues and children
– working with autistic children which I have not done in a non mainstream setting
– working with junior aged children rather than my cute little infant age groups
– earning money again and still resisting to spend it on luxuries and treats

The list could go on but these are the things I want to look back to next summer and hope to see accomplished!

I am glad to see more people speaking about mental health within the education sector and there are tiny steps of improvement for supporting those who are suffering. I am beginning to feel my own experiences one day might shape my career choices and bring out the best in me.

Onwards and upwards starting with a positive mind and a positive step.

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