Toilet toys – yes, it’s a cuddly poo and wee

This could actually be great for children who can’t communicate their needs very well when toilet training! Showing a toy might be less embarrassing for some children than to say they need the toilet? Just a thought! A bit overpriced though I think…


AD_146923390.jpg Well this is a bit different (Picture: Firebox)

Coprophilia. There’s a word you don’t expect to be associated with children’s toys.

Still, here we are, now able to buy a rather cheerful-looking or possibly slightly bemused-looking cuddly poo.


And, in case you were thinking ‘yes, but this is probably just some Mr Hanky-inspired, adults-only joke’, the seller makes it quite clear the toy is suitable for kids.

(Picture: YouTube) Hooooowdy Ho! (Picture: YouTube)

Firebox describes it as ‘perfect potty training inspiration for children’.

Of course, cuddly poo comes as part of a set – its fluffy buddy is, naturally, cuddly wee.

(Picture: Firebox) I don’t think we needed that puddle to illustrate (Picture: Firebox)

Aw. Look, it really wants a cuddle.

According to Firebox, who refer to them as ‘cuddly toilet escapees’ this is ‘the only time you’ll want pee and poo in your bed’.

The site also urges you to ‘snuggle up…

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