Every child is unique

In a previous post I mentioned I was starting a new role as a Midday Supervisory Assistant in a Special Educational Needs Primary school. After my first week I have already learnt so many new things and have a greater understanding of how different every child is and how special their unique personalities are.

It’s been a real challenge returning to work in a school as I have been thrown into the deep end and am having to find my own way around and ‘just know’ the ways of the school. This is because they are extremely busy and are understaffed due to illness. At first this worried me and I must admit I was really put off work, but this week feels a lot different and my confidence has grown again.

I have grown up being no stranger to people with Special Needs, but it is extremely different and satisfying to see a school which has been set up to cater for every child’s needs, no matter how severe or complex they might be.  My new school has fantastic resources and support materials for the children to use, which I can clearly see are extremely effective.

I am so excited to pick up new skills such as signing and sensory play whilst working and am already looking into different courses I can do to supplement my degree.

I am always looking for new groups to join and am keen to make friends with those who work in the education sector, so please feel free to comment with links to your blogs!

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