Teaching Standards: The Way Forwards

Just for my own future reference – great post šŸ˜€

Three Quarters Theatre

Iā€™ve been meaning to hammer these bloody teaching standards into my head for a little while now. The plan was to write each one of the eight standards on a sticky note and place them eloquently onto my favourite part of the bedroom wall to be viewed and taken in forever and ever. Well, that plan has not come to fruition and as I sit here in the library I do wonder whether it will ever happen. What about as soon as I get home? When I get in I plan on standing in the shower for 20 minutes thinking about nothing. Priorities. But enough about my lifeā€¦

Let the government take the floor for a second. In ITALICS.

The Teachersā€™ Standards are used to assess all trainees working towards QTS, and all those completing their statutory induction period. The standards define the minimum level of practice expected of traineesā€¦

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