Teachers demands are going nowhere

So I just read in The Guardian, that teacher’s professional status is going to be raised in the UK.

Great! This is what Teacher’s want and need. That recognition for their extremely pressuring and tiring work. The demands of a Teacher have always been high and with the school systems always being under scrutiny it can be so challenging for educational staff to keep motivated. Especially when the classic ‘but you get the holidays off’ line comes to bite them.

In every country but here teaching is recognised for what it should be. A high status career which comes with a lot of responsibility and basically a way of life.

For me I am still training and am in limbo as to whether I want to give my life to a profession which the government and society doesn’t appreciate. This is a good sign!

Here’s the link to the article if you’re interested in reading more about the statistics side!


3 thoughts on “Teachers demands are going nowhere

  1. I’m not sure every country has it better. The US is awful for teachers. But yes, being considered actual professionals rather than workshy tax sponges would be nice.

    Although, when you get qualified and have a few years under your belt you can always work overseas. It’s what I do.

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