This is not my strongest area of performance but I realise I do have a bit of a problem with how PE is taught in schools and attitudes of some PE teachers.

Firstly, I have just seen a petition against the proposal for a new weighting between theory and physical activity, with theory being where most of the time is spent.  I have avoided signing this as I do believe that a majority of young people need to be learning more about the affects of PE in order to want to DO the PE!

For me personally I was quite fit and able to do sport just there were lots of factors being a teenage girl and all that, which affected my confidence to embrace the few sports I was introduced to. The times that I felt confident to such as in long distance running my efforts went unnoticed and coming third most of the time wasn’t enough. It made me think about the people who came 4th-last. How demotivating to run like you are forced to and then be humilated and not treated like one of the special ones.

In my school we had a girls, boys and ‘star’ group. That in itself is wrong! I can’t remember what the privilige was but I am assuming more hours to do sport. The grouping of pupils is just strange. We have PE lessons to collectively learn and develop our umderstanding and basic skills so that when we leave school we can choose to continue the study or take up exercise at home. Straight away my group were treated as less important. People who needed to scrape a C for the PE office statistics. The BTEC group had limited physical activity and spent most of their time infront of a computer – funny how the staff thought that was suitable for them.

Basically I never liked the idea of someone judging me and my individual physical performance. I still don’t. It stands out more in the sports too because you are graded and continuously compared. A slight element of competitiveness really

RENAME IT! Perhaps Physical Education is a bit dated for the subject name and it should be referred to as Physical Studies or Sports Studies.

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