Taster days

My two taster days went better than expected, thankfully!

I met the class I will be working with, reception is always a happy and positive place for me to be. The environment appears to be fun, bright and welcoming so my first impressions were good.

There are 29 children in the class, the smallest class I have so far worked with! I have tried my best to get to know them all individually and seek out interests or behaviors so I can really get stuck in next week.

I have so far been called fat and pretty…not bad! The girls picked me flowers at lunchtime which isn’t allowed but I couldn’t not smile and thank them! I get welcomed with hugs and the boys keep trying to sit on my lap in circle time…I guess this means I am building positive relationships with the children!

The other members of staff really are helpful and kind, they treat me as if I am a staff member and not in their way.

I think I can do this!

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