Living with the parents

I am looking for advice from students and trained teachers who still live at home with their parents.

My university is only about 40 minutes from my home and as it is in an expensive city it seemed silly to spend so much money on the rent. I commute in which is bearable, but what I am really struggling with is living at home with my parents whilst I am on the teaching placements.

They are such important and pressurising weeks which you really need the right support systems at home for to make sure you relax and can feel comfortable. My mum works in a school and is currently going through a stressful time, she is highly strung most of the time anyway and as soon as she comes home will talk non-stop about her day. I found this last year a bit irritating but it was nice to see her babble on to my dad and it actually encouraged me to want to enjoy my job and have lots to speak about too.

This year I am really struggling with the fact I am treated like a respected adult in my classroom but not by my parents at home. I almost feel like I am living two lives. I have no space for any of my stuff…if you are a teacher you will understand how much paperwork and resources can gather up and take over your home! I can only store everything in my room.

Then there is the issue of my bedroom being my get away space, the place I plan and mark work, do my university work and I have hoards of stuff related to work which I see first thing I wake up and last thing before I sleep.

Little things like buying food for my placements and storing it is an issue too. I buy my own food and have to keep most of that in my room as well!

It seems like I am living in quite an unsupported home where I have little respect from my parents. Without wanting to sound spoilt, I wouldn’t be living here if I could afford it, so how can I make the best out of this situation?

Feeling extra stressed and tearful at the lack of comfort and support!


2 thoughts on “Living with the parents

  1. Hi there. Judging from your post, you clearly know how to speak in a clear, concise manner without getting too defensive. I would try, if you haven’t already, trying to talk to your parents about what you are feeling. Be honest and direct.
    If that doesn’t work, or you’ve already tried that, do you know of any friends who would be willing to take you in for a bit?

    • Thank you taking the time to read and reply, I appreciate it! I’ve spoken to thw parents however they dont understand the various pressures from university and a teaching placement. I have however set a goal to move out in the summer! That should motivate me to work hard and get my own desperately needed space đŸ™‚

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