We all do it and sometimes we do not even realise we are! Avoiding the long list of tasks makes us feel temporarily happy but nothing will relieve the pressure and stress like actually cracking on with it all!

I write a long long list of things I need to do. Anything that comes to my mind, whether it is school related or not. Then I write another list (a bit more procrastination) of the things which are a massive priority. Things like urgently needing to post the eBay items I forgot about or emailing over an important form to university.

After writing my lists I either get productive happy and get the jobs ticked off, or I start tidying up my room, filing paperwork and loosing myself in the world of WordPress and Instagram! I am realising now though that successful people are productive people and they have routines! So this weeks challenge is to get into a better life routine.

we can’t completely transform our lives in a week, that would be too overwhelming! Instead one week at a time I will make little changes.

Week 1: Adjust the morning alarm clock. Waking up earlier will be easier on the sunny days, but if I can get my natural bodyclock to love a 6.30am start that would be so helpful.

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