They are never really welcomed and can be huge inconveniences to our daily routines. I had my first observation last Friday, what a way to finish my first full week back in school!

I felt it had gone okay, not amazing or outstanding just average what you would expect five days into a placement. However, my placement tutor has a funny way about talking and getting his points across. So after a quick chat afterwards I felt confused a bit disheartened. That evening he emailed the write up of my observation and I cried it read so negatively! It ruined my bank holiday weekend and I panicked about returning to school.

Today I reread my observation form and I realise how my mindset from Friday had impacted the way I was reading the comments. I read it in such a negative way when actually he had offered me lots of advice to further my skills and I had completely missed that I was graded a 2 (good in Ofsted terms). This has made me feel much happier about the observation but I also feel a bit silly!

It’s important to act as naturally as possible during observations so you can get an accurate feedback. This feedback may not be what you want tp see or hear but it’s really useful to have some guidance and a target to work towards.

From now I will try to embrace these observation opportunities and act humbly in my teaching practice.


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