I am twenty- one , very girly and am always wearing flowery dresses.  I have a wonderful boyfriend and live at home with my parents whilst studying to become a primary school teacher.

I have decided to write a blog about my journey of becoming a qualified primary school teacher as I think (and hope) it will help me become more reflective and give me a nice record of how I am developing and transforming into the role of a teacher.

I’ve always wanted to teach and work with young children, I usually forget that I am so lucky to be at a place where I know what I would like to do and how I can achieve it. So many of my friends are still unsure of what their future may have in store for them and others across the world have little choice in their futures. Whilst completing my three year degree I am making it an aim to embrace every opportunity that comes my way and to always be grateful for what I have access to in life.

My first year at university is just drawing to an end and I am about to embark on my first full time teaching placement for seven weeks.  I am studying on an Early Years specialism course (teaching ages 3-7 years), so this first placement should be in a Nursery or Reception class, I find out next week!

My files have been organised, my diary and to do lists are currently up to date and my bedtime has been adjusted – no more super late nights watching rubbish TV or Facebooking!  I have learnt so much theory and I cannot wait to start putting it into practice and to develop my skills!



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