I did it!

After all of the stresses last year after failing a placement due to illness, I felt so nervous for my new placement which took place back in April. I am so happy to say that it all went well, in fact I don’t think it could have gone any better. I went in with an open mind, kept myself open and honest when people asked if I was okay because an issue I had last year was that everyone was surprised I wasn’t well!

My class teacher was lovely, the other staff members were really welcoming and there were a lot of students from university in the new cohort who I got to meet and spend lunchtimes with. This has really helped with my slow progress into year two as at least I will know a friendly face!

So I passed and am in the middle of my online enrollment to year two. It finally feels like I might see the end of this very dark tunnel and 2016 should be a much chirpier year. In other news, my boyfriend and I just moved into a flat together which is lovely and will definitely help matters as I get to come home every night to my best friend and biggest supporter.