Year Two!

Second year placement has come round so quickly but I’m so excited! I somehow managed to land my dream school in a reception class.

I’ll be spending the next 8 weeks in a private school, teaching little ones and improving my skills and gaining new experiences.

Today I splashed out on a new working wardrobe and got a haircut. Polished and ready to go!


I did it!

After all of the stresses last year after failing a placement due to illness, I felt so nervous for my new placement which took place back in April. I am so happy to say that it all went well, in fact I don’t think it could have gone any better. I went in with an open mind, kept myself open and honest when people asked if I was okay because an issue I had last year was that everyone was surprised I wasn’t well!

My class teacher was lovely, the other staff members were really welcoming and there were a lot of students from university in the new cohort who I got to meet and spend lunchtimes with. This has really helped with my slow progress into year two as at least I will know a friendly face!

So I passed and am in the middle of my online enrollment to year two. It finally feels like I might see the end of this very dark tunnel and 2016 should be a much chirpier year. In other news, my boyfriend and I just moved into a flat together which is lovely and will definitely help matters as I get to come home every night to my best friend and biggest supporter.



They are never really welcomed and can be huge inconveniences to our daily routines. I had my first observation last Friday, what a way to finish my first full week back in school!

I felt it had gone okay, not amazing or outstanding just average what you would expect five days into a placement. However, my placement tutor has a funny way about talking and getting his points across. So after a quick chat afterwards I felt confused a bit disheartened. That evening he emailed the write up of my observation and I cried it read so negatively! It ruined my bank holiday weekend and I panicked about returning to school.

Today I reread my observation form and I realise how my mindset from Friday had impacted the way I was reading the comments. I read it in such a negative way when actually he had offered me lots of advice to further my skills and I had completely missed that I was graded a 2 (good in Ofsted terms). This has made me feel much happier about the observation but I also feel a bit silly!

It’s important to act as naturally as possible during observations so you can get an accurate feedback. This feedback may not be what you want tp see or hear but it’s really useful to have some guidance and a target to work towards.

From now I will try to embrace these observation opportunities and act humbly in my teaching practice.

Taster days

My two taster days went better than expected, thankfully!

I met the class I will be working with, reception is always a happy and positive place for me to be. The environment appears to be fun, bright and welcoming so my first impressions were good.

There are 29 children in the class, the smallest class I have so far worked with! I have tried my best to get to know them all individually and seek out interests or behaviors so I can really get stuck in next week.

I have so far been called fat and pretty…not bad! The girls picked me flowers at lunchtime which isn’t allowed but I couldn’t not smile and thank them! I get welcomed with hugs and the boys keep trying to sit on my lap in circle time…I guess this means I am building positive relationships with the children!

The other members of staff really are helpful and kind, they treat me as if I am a staff member and not in their way.

I think I can do this!


Its getting closer to bedtime and after a year my placement is here! After being away from university I knew this would be a challenge and I would be filled with emotions.

So far I have spent three hours organising the placement file and trying to establish some routine to help me succeed.

Having anxiety and depression lead to me failing last year due to a weeks absence so I have an immense pressure to keep healthy and pass this time round. My university have been a help and located me a bit closer to home which helps and I have been reading all of my positive feedback in an attempt to get into that teacher mindset again.

I am so nervous and unsure of the near future!!! Ahhhhhh! Also so excited to be back in a classroom with the children and meeting the staff.

🙂 😦 🙂 😦 🙂

Hello Reception!

My new placement school is fairly local to me and I am in a reception class. I am so excited as I loved working in reception as a teaching assistant and feel comfortable with the EYFS curriculum.

At the moment I am researching into the schools topics for the term and looking up ideas for planning and resource making.

A year has flown by but the closer the placement gets,the more I feel myself finding a drive and confidence in being back in the classroom again. A six week block to push through, a summer to relax and then finally reaching second year of university. It’s taken so long but I feel better prepared and at a better place in my life.

Half term!

For many half term has just begun and it is surely well deserved!

I spent my day playing maths games, pretending to be on a coach and plane to Spain, listened and watched a drama version of The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch, had a picnic, played dancing games and made fruit salad.

Such a fun Friday with the children, I feel like I’ve settled in quickly to the new school I am working in!