Sleepy Sunday

Last week was tiring despite it being a four day week so this weekend I decided not to spend too long doing planning and writing up my observations and evaluations for university. I really needed to get these jobs done but I value my health over my job any day, something I learnt after being continuously signed off last year.

The teacher/home life balance is achievable but it can’t be upheld every weekend. So if you work in a school or in any job where you have to continuously do extra work at home, let yourself have one weekend, two days a month to just not do any work and have time to yourself. You will be much more productive in your role having de-stressed a little and it is great for getting into a positive mindset.

I am now off to get an early night because what a great way to start the week, fresh and awake first thing on a Monday morning. Keep smiling, stay positive and encourage others around you to take on a positive vibe.


The teacher culture needs to change!

Trainee teachers across the UK are trying to build a career for themselves in what I would assume is a passion of theirs, to teach students of all ages and help make a difference to the younger generations lives. It is a tough a stressful time to be entering a profession within education – it isn’t just teaching roles that are suffering from the changes and pressures from authorities!

Continuously when I visit schools or talk to other teachers I am met with the following statements and I can’t help but feel annoyed that some teachers are so negative towards new starters.

“Are you crazy? You must mad to want to teach!” yes it is a full on whirlwind job but that doesn’t mean we are abnormal or deluded for wanting to invest our time into the profession. Having others try and bring us down before we have even started almost sets us up to fail and can lead us to real questioning about our personalities!

“Teaching takes over your life” we know it isn’t a bog standard 9-5 job and your work is never really finished, but you can adapt a better work/home balance and become more organised with your time. For starters moaning and defending how hard teachers work and procrastinating on Facebook every evening will not help now will it! Setting a few evenings a week and at least one day at the weekend to say no to work is fine. It is all about priorities and making the best of your time.

“The holidays are the best bit, but we deserve them really” Apparently many teachers love their job but surely if you countdown the days until you aren’t with the children you can’t love it that much?! Holidays are a privilege and for some the work won’t stop as unfortunately teaching salaries do not match up to the cost of living – especially if you are a lone renter.

“It doesn’t get any easier” sure the demands never drop but actually if you look back to your first days in a classroom you would realise how far you have come and how much comes naturally to you in the classroom now! Think about how far you have come before you shoot your abilities down.

“we aren’t paid enough” and don’t get me started on the subject of pensions! It must be hard to be in the profession and have so many financial changes and freezes to pay. But as newbies entering the profession we are aware of what is happening and we know our work will not be rewarded in pounds. You decide where you work and what will pay your bills. We can’t have the best career satisfaction, money and the school holidays you just make the most of what you have and know you are doing a good thing with your life.

I may be alone in this but when teachers all count down to the holidays and try to put others off of their career choices I can’t help but wonder if they are right for the all rounded profession or if they should continue teaching purely for the sake of their own happiness. I know I will be worked hard, tired and exhausted and put under a lot of pressure but I am also going make sure I make it worthwhile and set aside time for myself to keep myself as humane as possible and not loose sight of the other professionals who work just as hard – if not harder than teachers.

Of course I may be a little naive but only time will tell!!!!