We all do it and sometimes we do not even realise we are! Avoiding the long list of tasks makes us feel temporarily happy but nothing will relieve the pressure and stress like actually cracking on with it all!

I write a long long list of things I need to do. Anything that comes to my mind, whether it is school related or not. Then I write another list (a bit more procrastination) of the things which are a massive priority. Things like urgently needing to post the eBay items I forgot about or emailing over an important form to university.

After writing my lists I either get productive happy and get the jobs ticked off, or I start tidying up my room, filing paperwork and loosing myself in the world of WordPress and Instagram! I am realising now though that successful people are productive people and they have routines! So this weeks challenge is to get into a better life routine.

we can’t completely transform our lives in a week, that would be too overwhelming! Instead one week at a time I will make little changes.

Week 1: Adjust the morning alarm clock. Waking up earlier will be easier on the sunny days, but if I can get my natural bodyclock to love a 6.30am start that would be so helpful.


Taster days

My two taster days went better than expected, thankfully!

I met the class I will be working with, reception is always a happy and positive place for me to be. The environment appears to be fun, bright and welcoming so my first impressions were good.

There are 29 children in the class, the smallest class I have so far worked with! I have tried my best to get to know them all individually and seek out interests or behaviors so I can really get stuck in next week.

I have so far been called fat and pretty…not bad! The girls picked me flowers at lunchtime which isn’t allowed but I couldn’t not smile and thank them! I get welcomed with hugs and the boys keep trying to sit on my lap in circle time…I guess this means I am building positive relationships with the children!

The other members of staff really are helpful and kind, they treat me as if I am a staff member and not in their way.

I think I can do this!


Its getting closer to bedtime and after a year my placement is here! After being away from university I knew this would be a challenge and I would be filled with emotions.

So far I have spent three hours organising the placement file and trying to establish some routine to help me succeed.

Having anxiety and depression lead to me failing last year due to a weeks absence so I have an immense pressure to keep healthy and pass this time round. My university have been a help and located me a bit closer to home which helps and I have been reading all of my positive feedback in an attempt to get into that teacher mindset again.

I am so nervous and unsure of the near future!!! Ahhhhhh! Also so excited to be back in a classroom with the children and meeting the staff.

🙂 😦 🙂 😦 🙂


This is not my strongest area of performance but I realise I do have a bit of a problem with how PE is taught in schools and attitudes of some PE teachers.

Firstly, I have just seen a petition against the proposal for a new weighting between theory and physical activity, with theory being where most of the time is spent.  I have avoided signing this as I do believe that a majority of young people need to be learning more about the affects of PE in order to want to DO the PE!

For me personally I was quite fit and able to do sport just there were lots of factors being a teenage girl and all that, which affected my confidence to embrace the few sports I was introduced to. The times that I felt confident to such as in long distance running my efforts went unnoticed and coming third most of the time wasn’t enough. It made me think about the people who came 4th-last. How demotivating to run like you are forced to and then be humilated and not treated like one of the special ones.

In my school we had a girls, boys and ‘star’ group. That in itself is wrong! I can’t remember what the privilige was but I am assuming more hours to do sport. The grouping of pupils is just strange. We have PE lessons to collectively learn and develop our umderstanding and basic skills so that when we leave school we can choose to continue the study or take up exercise at home. Straight away my group were treated as less important. People who needed to scrape a C for the PE office statistics. The BTEC group had limited physical activity and spent most of their time infront of a computer – funny how the staff thought that was suitable for them.

Basically I never liked the idea of someone judging me and my individual physical performance. I still don’t. It stands out more in the sports too because you are graded and continuously compared. A slight element of competitiveness really

RENAME IT! Perhaps Physical Education is a bit dated for the subject name and it should be referred to as Physical Studies or Sports Studies.

Getting Healthy

My goal for the next six weeks on placement is to pass successfully and get into a healthier life routine. This means earlier starts, delicious lunches and a gym membership.

It’s not always easy to implement so many changes into your life, especially at pressurising times such as being on placement, so hopefully by letting everyone know I will be more likely to stick to my word!

The teacher culture needs to change!

Trainee teachers across the UK are trying to build a career for themselves in what I would assume is a passion of theirs, to teach students of all ages and help make a difference to the younger generations lives. It is a tough a stressful time to be entering a profession within education – it isn’t just teaching roles that are suffering from the changes and pressures from authorities!

Continuously when I visit schools or talk to other teachers I am met with the following statements and I can’t help but feel annoyed that some teachers are so negative towards new starters.

“Are you crazy? You must mad to want to teach!” yes it is a full on whirlwind job but that doesn’t mean we are abnormal or deluded for wanting to invest our time into the profession. Having others try and bring us down before we have even started almost sets us up to fail and can lead us to real questioning about our personalities!

“Teaching takes over your life” we know it isn’t a bog standard 9-5 job and your work is never really finished, but you can adapt a better work/home balance and become more organised with your time. For starters moaning and defending how hard teachers work and procrastinating on Facebook every evening will not help now will it! Setting a few evenings a week and at least one day at the weekend to say no to work is fine. It is all about priorities and making the best of your time.

“The holidays are the best bit, but we deserve them really” Apparently many teachers love their job but surely if you countdown the days until you aren’t with the children you can’t love it that much?! Holidays are a privilege and for some the work won’t stop as unfortunately teaching salaries do not match up to the cost of living – especially if you are a lone renter.

“It doesn’t get any easier” sure the demands never drop but actually if you look back to your first days in a classroom you would realise how far you have come and how much comes naturally to you in the classroom now! Think about how far you have come before you shoot your abilities down.

“we aren’t paid enough” and don’t get me started on the subject of pensions! It must be hard to be in the profession and have so many financial changes and freezes to pay. But as newbies entering the profession we are aware of what is happening and we know our work will not be rewarded in pounds. You decide where you work and what will pay your bills. We can’t have the best career satisfaction, money and the school holidays you just make the most of what you have and know you are doing a good thing with your life.

I may be alone in this but when teachers all count down to the holidays and try to put others off of their career choices I can’t help but wonder if they are right for the all rounded profession or if they should continue teaching purely for the sake of their own happiness. I know I will be worked hard, tired and exhausted and put under a lot of pressure but I am also going make sure I make it worthwhile and set aside time for myself to keep myself as humane as possible and not loose sight of the other professionals who work just as hard – if not harder than teachers.

Of course I may be a little naive but only time will tell!!!!

Hello Reception!

My new placement school is fairly local to me and I am in a reception class. I am so excited as I loved working in reception as a teaching assistant and feel comfortable with the EYFS curriculum.

At the moment I am researching into the schools topics for the term and looking up ideas for planning and resource making.

A year has flown by but the closer the placement gets,the more I feel myself finding a drive and confidence in being back in the classroom again. A six week block to push through, a summer to relax and then finally reaching second year of university. It’s taken so long but I feel better prepared and at a better place in my life.